Europees Kampioenschap 2024

Polen, 15-22 april

Onderstaande mailtje werd door de nationale coachen verspreid:

Dear all,

On behalf of the committee and the coaches, please find the complete
selection for the ITF Taekwon-Do European Championships 2024 that will
take place in Lublin, Poland from April 17 to April 21.

Tul (Individual):
Andreea Musca (Senior Female 4-6 Dan)
Alice Vrinat (Senior Female 3 Dan)
Hans Rombaut (Senior Male 4-6 Dan)
Wim Vermeir (Senior Male 4-6 Dan)
Rune Schuddinck (Senior Male 1 Dan)
Lara Capa (Junior Female 1 Dan)
Helin Capa (Pre-Junior Female 1 Dan)

Pre-arranged Free Sparring:
Andreea Musca and Hans Rombaut (Senior)

Power Breaking (Individual):
Tabitha Van Lierde (Senior Female)
Zuzanna Debowska (Senior Female)
Hans Van Lierde (Senior Male)

Power Breaking (Team):
Andreea Musca, Alice Vrinat, Tabitha Van Lierde, Zuzanna Debowska, Alyssa Mbala

Special Technique: Kilan Verbraeken (Junior Male)

Sparring (Individual):
Kilan Verbraeken (junior male over 60 to 65 kg)
Alissa Mbala (senior female up to 50 kgs)
Jeremie Bewa (senior male over 75 to 81 kg)
Altan Rinchinov (senior male up to 57 kgs)

There will be 4 National Trainings until the competition:
Patterns/Pre-arranged training on Sunday 18/02 at SportCity from 10h00
to 12h00
Sparring training on Sunday 10/03 at SportCity from 12h00 to 14h00
Patterns/Pre-arranged training on Sunday 03/03 at SportCity from 10h00
to 13h00
All the team together (Patterns, pre-arranged, Power, Special and
Sparring) on Sunday 7/04 at Waasmunster from 10h00 to 13h00
As usual, for power breaking and special technique, there is dedicated
training session arranged between the selected people and the coaches.

Coaches: Nicolas Taylor, Andreea Musca, Wim Vermeir, Hans Van Lierde, Koen Hoerée

Umpire: Sophie Ardenoy

Officials: GrandMaster Frank Vanberghen, Master Annick Van Driessche, Master Virginia Dionisi

Congratulations to all of you!
The Coaching Team